The wood sculpture of Elton Braithwaite is a window to the people of the world. Journey through Species of Earth Gallery, where the confluence of many cultures has created an overwhelming explosion of beauty.


  • Eagle’s Night represents a Mayan creation myth, and
  • Celtic culture has provided images of Merlin, and the Forest Priest.
  • Study in Senegal and Ghana, Africa, has influenced the artist’s renditions of Labor Chairs, African Masks, and Staffs similar to those carried by tribal chieftains.
  • Egyptian Queen, Ancient Musicians, and The Winemaker (a series of three panels) all represent cultures from different parts of the world.
  • The Mask of Geronimo reminds us of the slaughter of Native American tribes.
  • Religious symbols grace the Moses Labor Chair, and stories and psalms inspired Solomon, Simon Peter, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Adam and Eve, Mother and Child, and Have Mercy.
  • Angels, those guardians of the celestial reach, include Angels of Mercy, Earth Angel, African Angel, and Archangel Gabriel.
  • First commissioned by a New England Museum, examples of the Duho, a small, carved stool used by chieftains in the Taino culture, can be found in his Gallery.
  • Memories of the artist’s youth in Jamaica are reflected in Aunt Chun, inspired by the artist’s mother; the Observer; Small Heads wearing dreadlocks; Mustache; Jamaican Higgler, the image of a woman carrying goods to market; and Bob Marley.

The list is endless, and every piece exudes its own exquisite beauty; images not yet revealed will follow those that have been, and still more will follow them. Each sculpture is an expression of life from a corner of our incredible and varied world.

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